The Importance of Girls Education During Covid-19

This is a great read by Michelle Obama and Melinda Gates and emphasizes what we see through Maranyundo Girls School and the Benebikira schoosl throughout Rwanda.

“Raising strong, empowered girls requires strong, deliberate action in normal times — all the more so during a global crisis. And while Covid-19 is forcing the world to do just about everything differently, it’s also an undeniable opportunity to do things better.

Because there are promising young girls like Fortunate all over the world — girls who are eager to learn and fulfill their potential. To hear Fortunate say it: “My education is very dear to me. I believe it will make me a better person and help me improve the situation of my whole family.”

Thank you all for supporting the girls of MGS and Rwanda in these trying times.  The future is indeed bright with their ideas, voices and what they can teach us all.