The Next Decade of Excellence at Maranyundo Girls School

The Maranyundo Girls School now has an Upper Secondary School of Science and Technology

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“We don’t want to leave Maranyundo!”

Student focus group, June 2012

When asked what could improve the school, the only suggestion students had?  “Expand the school so we can stay here for 6 years.”  Parents agreed. After the extraordinary success their girls achieved in middle school, parents wanted them to continue to flourish in this special environment. They set their sights on establishing an upper secondary school of science and technology and began raising money. Within a year they had raised an unprecedented  $100K made up of hundreds of small donations gathered from people within the Maranyundo community of families and early supporters, as well as banks and individuals who believe in the school and its students.

Impressed with parents’ determination and commitment the Maranyundo Initiative pledged our help and together we  have raised enough to begin construction.

Construction began in spring of 2014 and by January 2017  the school will have the classrooms, dorms and dining space to accommodate a full lower and upper secondary school program with a total enrollment of 360 students.


Be a part of the next generation of excellence at Maranyundo Girls School

Mass PLan_Feb 3

Plans for the design of the new campus buildings.

The dream is to establish a premier secondary school that will meet one of Rwanda’s greatest needs – science and technology — with one of its greatest assets: strong, smart, empowered girls.

Well-trained faculty, in consultation with STEM educators and thought leaders in Rwanda and abroad, will continue to develop the school as a hub for teaching and learning in the district, while continuing to provided excellence in education for Maranyundo students.

 But this is only the beginning.  Maranyundo Girls School of Science and Technology is poised to have an impact far beyond the school and the girls who atend it.

Plans are underway to complete an expanded library, state of the art laboratories suitable for external training, space for community access to computers and technology training, as well as convening space for teacher training and professional development.

The expansion is a chance to achieve one of the early dreams of the founders – that Maranyundo Girls School be a beacon of hope not only to the girls who attend, but to the broader community, providing access,continuing education, teacher training and pathways of opportunity.

MGS Library-nov 2015-rear view-c

New Library Concept Drawings

These are big dreams.  If you would like to be part of making them come true, please join the “Campaign for the next decade of excellence at Maranyundo” Our goal is to raise $1.5 million in two years.

We welcome your support for this effort to provide excellence in teaching and learning at the Maranyundo Girls School.  Click here.




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Construction to begin in 2016!