A Mission of Educational Excellence

“When you educate a girl you educate a nation.”

 – African Proverb

The Maranyundo Girls School is the dream of Senator Aloisea Inyumba who believed that all children – no matter their personal circumstances – can achieve excellence if given a chance.

Today, that dream is a reality. The Maranyundo Girls School – with half of its students from economically vulnerable families — opened 2008 and within just a few years achieved national standing as one of the top schools in the country.

The mission of the school is to offer students not simply access to education but academic excellence.  It provides degree-qualified teachers, small classes, teacher-enrichment opportunities and a beautiful, safe, well- equipped campus in which to learn. Open and welcoming to students of all faiths, it is run by the Benebikira Sisters, a Rwandan order of Roman Catholic nuns who have a long history of providing quality education to the poor.