News from Maranyundo

Maranyundo Girls Shining Bright

It’s been an exciting few weeks at MGS, with lots of student accomplishments to brag about! The S5 students, as part of their entrepreneurship class, put on an awesome expo on Visitation Day where they sold handmade crafts. The expo was a huge success; students, families, and teachers all purchased items! MGS also had 22 […]

Endogenic Madness – Bringing Play (Doh) into the Classroom

This is a guest blog by David Hosford, who is staying on the Maranyundo Girls School with his family for about a month this summer. He is a history teacher and soccer coach at Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School in the US.   Bringing new teaching methodologies into the Rwandan classroom       “Endog*#@ what?”, I […]

A view from the Hosford Family

The Hosford Family: Melissa, Dave, Aliya,  Carina, and Brooke, have been visiting the school for the past few weeks. Here is a quick update on all they have been up to: We are all settling in at the Maranyundo school. We have all attended some classes and our daughters  are playing soccer everyday. We have been warmly […]

Memorial Tribute to Ann Pollina

Ann Pollina September 3, 1948 – May 7, 2016   “It is so important for our faculty and students to keep their eyes on the needs of the world. It is critical for our students, right now, at this age, to recognize how they can make a difference.” ~Ann Pollina   The Maranyundo Initiative is saddened […]

Maranyundo’s Yale Young African Scholars!

  Three S5 students at Maranyundo have been selected to participate in this year’s Yale Young Africa Scholars (YYAS) program. From the YYAS website: Yale Young African Scholars is a seven-day, residential program for African secondary school students currently enrolled in high school on the African continent. YYAS is designed for students who will graduate from secondary school […]

Visitors, Debates, and Exams, Oh My!

Last week at Maranyundo, a representative from the Rwanda Education Board (REB) visited for two days to conduct a teacher training. The training was centered around implementing Rwanda’s new (as of 2016) national curriculum, which is a competency-based curriculum as opposed to the previous knowledge-based curriculum. The trainer facilitated two classes, one in the sciences […]

Back to school!

After a two week break, during which Rwanda began the 22nd commemoration of the 1994 genocide, Maranyundo students are back at school. On Sunday afternoon campus was filled with hugging and happy reunions among the girls, and their laughter could be heard into the night, especially with no homework yet! Sister Juvenal and the Dean […]

A Visit from Maranyundo Girls School Graduates

Maranyundo Girls School Graduates Visiting Trinity Church in Concord, MA Trinity Church in Concord, MA was thrilled to have two graduates, Pacifique Mugabo and Martine Uwera, from the Maranyundo Girls School in Rwanda visit us and speak at our Sunday Forum on March 6, 2016. They spoke articulately, with great poise, and with confidence of […]

Pi-Day and Exam Time at MGS!

Exams are in full swing at MGS! I’m writing this as I’m proctoring an S3 math exam, just in time for pi day! The girls having been studying hard all term, and now will have exams before school break. Of course it’s not all studying over here; this weekend the girls played against Gashora Girls […]

Parent Visit Day

Yesterday, February 28th was Parent Visit Day at Maranyundo! The day started with a PTA meeting. PTA board members and Sister Juvenal made some presentations about the school, including updates and introduction of teachers. They also answered questions from the parents in attendance, and took some time to reflect on the success of the students […]