News from Maranyundo

A Woman’s Search for a New Challenge Sparks a Long-lasting Partnership with Maranyundo Girls School

       A Search for Community When Burch Ford moved from Farmington, CT to Concord, MA in 2008, having recently stepped down from a 15-year tenure as the Head of Miss Porter’s School, a girls’ secondary boarding/day school, she was open to a change and looking for a welcoming community. This community took the […]

Day in the Life of a Teaching Fellow

7:00 am Waking up in the Faculty house on campus, often the first thing a Teaching Fellow will hear will be the giggling and chatter of some of the 180 middle school girls who inhabit the neighboring dormitories. They are the most cheerful of alarm clocks and most likely have been up since 5:30am preparing […]

Art Club

Marcella, the other teaching fellow, has started an Art Club as requested by several Senior two students.  Mon-Thurs, any interested girls go to the library during sports time to color, paint, listen to music, and just relax.  The girls have a goal to sell the goods they make at Visitation Day, a monthly event when […]

Construction in Rwanda

There is a lot of construction going on on campus right now.  Next year Maranyundo is going to expand from solely a middle school to also include the first year of high school.  So that requires dorms and classrooms to be built before the January start date. Honestly, when I look at the progress, I […]

Maranyundo Animals

Maranyundo owns several animals that always look super cute. I don’t even have any words! Enjoy!    

A reading culture emerges at Maranyundo Girls School

Considering 1 in 5 adults in the world is not literate and 2 out of 3 of them are women, International Literacy Day (September 8 annually) is a big deal! So today we are going to talk about books at Maranyundo.Step on to the Maranyundo Girls School campus for any period of time and you […]

Multipurpose Hall

Maranyundo Girls School is building a Multipurpose Hall as part of its expansion into a high school. The Hall will be used for community events such as weddings, conferences, and performances. It is one of the largest function halls in the district so when it is completed, it is sure to be in high demand. […]

Expansion construction

Maranyundo Girls School is expanding from a middle school to also include a high school! Currently the school serves grades Senior 1-3 and next year the plan is to have the first class of Senior 4.  Then each year another grade will be added until we have the complete Senior 1-6.  It is all very […]

Food from the MGS garden!

It seems everything is in season right now at Maranyundo! Maranyundo has a beautiful garden on campus just outside the faculty residence.  It has many plantain trees (a Rwandan staple food). Eggplants are also eaten at least twice a week. Bell peppers are added to EVERYTHING! Kale is all over the garden. It seems to […]

Field Trip

The senior two and senior three classes went on a field trip to learn more about Rwanda last month. They went to the Western Province and saw a tea plantation. Tea is a very important part of the Rwandan economy. Interestingly, most westerners only know about Rwandan coffee, but the average Rwandan is much more […]