News from Maranyundo


I would like to start out by saying that Rwandans are obsessive about keeping things clean.  For example, people always take their shoes off when going on any rug in a person’s home.  Every weekend we spend cleaning the concrete floors by pouring buckets of soapy water onto them.   Rwandans care very much about the […]

Story Illustrations

There is a competition in Rwanda for secondary level students to write a children’s story in English to be used in Rwandan primary schools, since the government has an initiative to turn around the lack of reading culture.  I enjoyed reading their first drafts with stories involving everything from school bullying to evil stepmothers to […]

Victory for Maranyundo!

Basketball is HUGE in Rwanda.  It is undoubtedly the most popular sport among the girls at Maranyundo. Every evening after classes end at 4:30 the students get free time until 6:00 for sport and most of them head to the basketball court.   Ready to play! I think it would be extremely challenging to dribble on […]

Rwandan Cuisine: Lunch and Dinner

Let me continue sharing my experience with Rwandan food to build upon my last post about breakfast. Bananas are a staple in Rwanda and there is another type, shown here, that is always cooked before eating.  It is the size of most bananas found in the USA but it is always green.  These are treated like potatoes […]

Community Day

Rwanda has a designated day called Umuganda or Community Day where everyone comes together to volunteer for a particular project in their community. It’s a traditional idea that kind of faded away but Paul Kagame, the Rwandan president, reinstituted the model after the genocide with the belief that it would help heal the communities.  I […]

Rwandan Cuisine: Breakfast

I suppose the first part of a food blog should be seeing where the magic happens.  This is the kitchen!  Notice the lack of appliances, we have a coffee maker and that’s about it.  There is also a can opener, which is rare, but no vegetable peeler or rice maker and most devastating to me: […]

A Word from our New MGS Teaching Fellow

My first month in Rwanda –  by: Kristin Haas Order- that’s the first word I would use to describe Rwanda.  Considering the country is most known in the west for an incident filled with chaos and that currently about 45% of people live in poverty, it was completely surprising to find so much structure, orderliness […]


Mothers and Daughters: A word from Sister Ann Fox An ever-growing Maranyundo Girls School Family The  first Sunday of  February  is busy  for schools in Rwanda.  National exams results had been announced two weeks previously,  invitations sent ,  responses received, and  new Senior 1 and Senior 4 students  (7th and 10th graders)  will arrive at […]

Maranyundo Girls School continues to close the Achievement Gap

Results of the 2013 National O-level exams are in and once again, every single student ranked in Division 1 and received a notation of “With Distinction“ on her exam. This is particularly remarkable because Maranyundo accepts 50% of its students from economically disadvantaged families in rural areas where schools are under resourced and underperforming. Yet, […]

Teaching at Maranyundo

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”– Nelson Mandela I came to Rwanda at the end of January to work at Maranyundo Girls School for one year and assist them specifically as a native English speaker.   I knew was I was going to a very high quality girls’ boarding […]