News from Maranyundo


Mothers and Daughters: A word from Sister Ann Fox An ever-growing Maranyundo Girls School Family The  first Sunday of  February  is busy  for schools in Rwanda.  National exams results had been announced two weeks previously,  invitations sent ,  responses received, and  new Senior 1 and Senior 4 students  (7th and 10th graders)  will arrive at […]

Maranyundo Girls School continues to close the Achievement Gap

Results of the 2013 National O-level exams are in and once again, every single student ranked in Division 1 and received a notation of “With Distinction“ on her exam. This is particularly remarkable because Maranyundo accepts 50% of its students from economically disadvantaged families in rural areas where schools are under resourced and underperforming. Yet, […]

Teaching at Maranyundo

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”– Nelson Mandela I came to Rwanda at the end of January to work at Maranyundo Girls School for one year and assist them specifically as a native English speaker.   I knew was I was going to a very high quality girls’ boarding […]