Maranyundo students keep busy even on a school holiday!


A quick update from Teaching Fellow, Molly Rothschild!

Monday was a national holiday in Rwanda in celebration of Eid Al-Adha. Officially it’s a day off at school, but campus is bustling! Students are studying math, physics, and computers across campus, while also catching up on the other projects they have going on! A group of S4 students is preparing a dance they will perform at graduation (all original choreography). Earlier this weekend the second official “Bright Rwanda” club meeting took place; the club was conceptualized by two S5 students for the Pioneer Olympiad in Rwanda earlier this year and has officially been launched with a meeting of over 30 students! The public speaking club also elected leadership this past week and now has a president, secretary, internal and external communications officer, and head of the creativity team! In addition, this past week MGS had two visits from international universities to learn more about MGS while students learn more about their schools!

Meanwhile, construction is continuing on the new library and is looking amazing!