Linda V. Beardsley


Linda V. Beardsley is a Senior Lecturer and Director of Student Teaching and School Partnerships at Tufts University. Chair of Maranyundo Initiative Education Committee. Founding Board Member of EdVestors Philanthropic Fund. Principal Investigator for Noyce/NSF funded Math and Science Teacher Training Collaborative. Graduate of Simmons College and Tufts University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Linda’s career in education has been marked by her commitment to inclusion and ensuring that all students have access to challenging and meaningful curriculum. Her teaching experiences have convinced her that all issues in education can be resolved if the student is placed at the center of the discussions. She played a key role in implementing the Massachusetts Education Reform Act of 1993, and the inclusive vision of that legislation. She became Administrator of Instruction and Curriculum Services and State Bilingual Director in 1994. Linda’s research interests include developing effective partnerships between higher education and public schools, training teachers to teach in urban settings, integrating technology into classroom teaching.