Maranyundo Girls School takes First Place in National Science Competition

MGS recently won first place in the National Science Competition sponsored by the Rwandan Ministry of Education. The team of three students developed a project which created fuel blocks from dried leaves, clay and water. These block are a cheaper substitute for charcoal, and burner hotter and longer.

The team started out knowing that they wanted to do a project that dealt with the challenges of the energy sector. They said the hardest part was thinking of what kind of project they wanted to do, and then planning how they would bring their idea to fruition.

As a prize for their project and hard work, each of the girls received a laptop. They were interviewed by several TV stations and met with some of Rwanda’s leading scientists . One student hopes to become a doctor, one a software engineer, and the third a biomedical engineer or perhaps an architect.

However – they don’t have much time to enjoy the glory of their accomplishment – after they finish exams, all three students will be busy completing their college applications!