Maranyundo’s Yale Young African Scholars!


From left to right: Cynthia, Marie Louise, and Linda Divine.

Three S5 students at Maranyundo have been selected to participate in this year’s Yale Young Africa Scholars (YYAS) program.
From the YYAS website: Yale Young African Scholars is a seven-day, residential program for African secondary school students currently enrolled in high school on the African continent. YYAS is designed for students who will graduate from secondary school in 2018, are 18 years or younger at the time of the program, and have the talent, drive, energy, and ideas to make meaningful impacts as young leaders.

The program will help prepare students for the demanding application process of U.S. universities through small group workshops and post-program mentorship. The week long program will help students recognize and understand global issues, strategize responses, and innovate solutions while learning from Yale faculty, as well as undergraduate and graduate students who currently attend Yale. Students will participate in a lecture series and a number of elective seminars on a variety of topics. The demanding academic content is designed to improve students’ analytical thinking, intellectual flexibility, and written and oral communication skills.

Cynthia will be traveling to Ghana at the beginning of August to participate in YYAS, and Marie Louise and Linda Divine will participate in Rwanda at the end of July! We’re very proud of the students, and of all the MGS students who worked so hard on their applications for the program. All three students are very excited for the opportunity!