Meet Maranyundo Girls School’s New Head of School – Sister Laetitia Musanabaganwa

As many of you may know, Sister Juvenal was asked to lead curriculum efforts as Benebikira Schools Coordinator for 17 Benebikira schools throughout Rwanda.  A very fitting promotion after leading the Maranyundo Girls School through the last 10 years to great success.  We wish her well in her new role, and we know we will continue to do great work together for the schools and girls in Rwanda.

With big shoes to fill, Sister Laetitia Musanabaganwa took over the Head of School duties in January 2020, and wasted no time in meeting with the community and evaluating the school’s needs. Sister Laetitia has a long history in science and education and served as school counselor at MGS before becoming the Head of School. Prior to MGS, she was the Headmistress of Fawe Girls School in Kayonza from 2011 to 2017, was Dean of Discipline at the College of Muramba and taught Mathematics at the College Immaculee Conception. She has her Bachelor’s in Computer Sciences and her Master’s in Educational Planning and Administration. 

Her strategic priorities had been in full swing, including investments in new faculty and professional development, strengthening STEM and library programming, and expanding college counseling and preparation, until the global COVID-19 pandemic reached Rwanda in March.

While still working on those priorities while the girls are at home,  Sister Laetitia, the new Head of School, has been busy! She is working with faculty to design and implement distance learning. She has partnered with local companies, Mara Phones and Airtel, to provide low-cost smartphones and free internet to connect vulnerable families to the MGS e-learning platform and the social support of the MGS community. She is providing funds to help vulnerable families meet basic needs and continues to pay teachers and staff.  She is also planning ahead for an increase in needs in an uncertain future.

We are grateful to Sister Laetitia for her experienced leadership to navigate MGS students, teachers, and staff through this difficult period.