Maranyundo Girls High School of Science and Technology Fact Sheet

 The Maranyundo Girls School is one of the top performing Girl’s Secondary Schools in Rwanda for middle school students in 7-9th grade (S1-S3). When asked what could improve the school, what was the most popular suggestion the students had?  ”Expand the school so we can stay here through High School.”  And now we are on our way towards helping MGS make their dream a reality!

  1. Phase 1 is complete. This phase built a new dormitory, restroom and shower facilities, expanded dining hall and 6 new classrooms. Total cost = $760,000.
  2. Phase 1 allowed the first 10th grade class to start on campus in January 2015! It sets the foundation for the school to double its capacity by 2017 from 180 to 360 students!
  3.  Phase 2 is beginning. Phase II will ensure that MGS is a model high school of excellence in science and technology in Rwanda. Plans include 3 additional classrooms, a new library to serve the whole school as well as the wider Nyamata community, 3 new laboratories for advanced Chemistry, Biology and Physics, and a computer lab. Construction will be completed in January 2017. Projected Cost=$1.3M
  4. Phase 3 is the future. The Maranyundo Initiative and Maranyundo Girls School are discussing how MGS can continue to serve the needs for Teacher Development of the faculty and in the wider community. These Phase 2 facilities will be designed to serve the School and will also serve as teaching labs and spaces for teacher trainings for teachers from the district and beyond.

All of these projects will add to the opportunities that the Maranyundo Girls School can provide to the girls and the country. They are in line with the goals of Rwanda to focus on education in the sciences and technology. We hope that the Maranyundo Girls School will be a model for teacher training and education of girls in the STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum.


Dining hall

New Expanded Dining Hall

new classroom bldg

New 6 Classroom Building

new dormitory

New Dormitory to house an additional 180 students