MGS School Anthem

Maranyundo, our dear home, in the heart of Africa

Where the light sparks and stars shine,

Holding leadership on success

We are inspired to make a change in every step that we make.

Keep the game up, we’ve got what it takes

And here’s to girl power.


Hand in hand, as a team, education is the fuel.

Put logic behind our duties and responsibilities,

Our mentors tutoring us, we live what we learn

We don’t dare sit, we revolve with time

And here’s to girl power.


It’s what we live, what we hold, what makes us different

Our esteem, self respect

Try to act our prospects

Figured, we are believers, of the discipline power.

With this weapon, we can’t be withered

And here’s to girl power.


Our mission, our vision is trained to prudence

Not perfect just being prowess, of being our best self.

For the future of us leaders of our country

Respect, responsibility and leadership

So here’s to girl power…

So here’s to girl power…

So here’s to girl power!!!