School of Excellence Document

Maranyundo: School of Excellence

(This document was created at a Maranyundo School Retreat in October, 2008  by representatives from Maranyundo Initiative, the Rwandan Advisory Board, the Benebikira Congregation and the Marayundo School Board)

The Maranyundo Initiative standards of school excellence are in line with the standard of excellence set forth in MINEDUC goals for education in Rwanda. Specifically the Maranyundo Initiative elements of excellence include:

  • All teachers are academically (degree) qualified per MINEDUC guidelines.
  • MINEDUC long-term goal for student:teacher ratio at secondary level is 30:1.  The Maranyundo School will maintain a student-teacher ratio of 30:1.
  • Student-centered teaching methodologies, in line with MINEDUC guidelines, are used in the classroom. “Student-centered” means the teacher facilitates learning using a variety of methods including: class discussion in large and small groups, demonstrations, hands-on experiences, lecture, and inquiry-based instruction.
  • Regular observation, evaluation and supervision of faculty
  • Process is in place to identify and address needs of students who are not meeting academic benchmarks
  • Ongoing enrichment/professional development for faculty is provided at the school to enhance and support MINEDUC  District level teacher training.
  • A variety of assessment tools, such as essays, multiple choice tests, student presentations and group projects are used to measure student achievement.
  • Teachers use technology regularly and effectively in the classroom
  • Students are proficient in the use of technology for the preparation of class work and completion of assignments.
  • Collaborative Peer Support Teaching Model is in place.
    • Teachers support each other in implementing student-centered teaching practices in the classroom.
    • Teachers observe each other and give developmental feedback.
    • Teachers meet regularly to reflect on their classroom experience and discuss teaching strategies.
  • Reasonable workload for faculty to allow time for preparation, implementation of and reflection on lessons, as well as attendance at professional development meetings.
  • Teachers are supported in using assessment data to inform instruction.
  • A strong, involved parent council is in place per MINEDUC guidelines .
  • All students pass the National Examination and are eligible for secondary school.
  • Every student receives the support she needs to perform successfully on National Examinations
  • General health of students is monitored and needs are addressed.
  • High nutritional standards are maintained in order to promote good health and optimal performance.


The Maranyundo Initiative will consider that the goal to establish a school of excellence has been achieved when the following are observable and sustainable:

  1. Adequate support is available for all students in order that they are able to complete lower secondary school in three years and pass the national exam.
  2. All classes are taught in English.
  3. Teachers are observed and evaluated regularly
  4. Teachers use student centered methods as a regular part of their classroom practice.
  5. Teacher Enrichment/Professional Development opportunities are offered regularly on campus to support the implementation of the MINEDUC goal to establish student-centered education in Rwanda.
  6. Teachers use technology regularly and effectively in the classroom
  7. Students are proficient in the use of technology for the preparation of class work and completion of assignments.