Story Illustrations

There is a competition in Rwanda for secondary level students to write a children’s story in English to be used in Rwandan primary schools, since the government has an initiative to turn around the lack of reading culture.  I enjoyed reading their first drafts with stories involving everything from school bullying to evil stepmothers to magic.  The Senior Two students had an assignment to create a story for this competition and some of them went above and beyond for their first draft with illustrations!  See the drawings below, courtesy of the lovely Senior Two B class.

The time came and the wedding happened
After a long time, King David died and Losslot became a strong kind. He still had his wife Ashley. He was kind and his people loved him and the kingdom became very strong.

He reached a place with rocks on each side. He tied his horse to a tree and went to the gate in the rock…

In that kingdom, there lived people who were so funny because of how they were created. Some has a cone-like head, others had big noses, etc. But they were all short.
After ten years, King Peter came back to see Princess Ashley so that she could be his wife. He sent soldiers to come and take her. They came as normal citizens an checked where she was. They kidnapped her from the garden where she was, to take to the king…

This is a story about a boy called Sano but his friends and family called him “Gatwe.” He had a dog called “Toto.” Gatwe was stubborn in his childhood. Once his father found him in the cow’s house where he was trying to jump over a cow.