We Thank You

We Thank You.

Written by:  Olga Clèlia,  Saro Raina,  Marie Lise,  Eunice, & Alice 

We thank you, you who came up with an idea of building this school. You gave us education; you took care of us with no conditions at all.

We thank you, you who visit us every year, who always keep us in your heart, you who gave hope to us women of tomorrow, you are our guardian angels.

You have always been our heroes, you have always been our role models, you have been there for us and you have been part of our family.

What should we do without your smiling mouth? We know that sometimes we simply fall out [of touch] but that doesn’t change the fact that we are stuck to you. As it is written in the stars, there is nothing that can take you away from us. You are all sent from above, that’s the reason that we still hold you tightly. May the angels protect you, troubles neglect you, and heaven accept you.

This was a short note thanking you for all that you have done for us.

We Thank You