The Girls Are Back on Campus!

The buildings of Maranyundo are alive again!  On Sunday, November 1st the first half of the girls came back onto campus – S-3s, S-5s, and S-6s!  They are very happy to be back together and back to learning in person after 7 months apart.

Thanks to the hard work of Sister Laetitia the teachers and administrators, MGS passed its inspections and was also approved to move ahead on an accelerated program to Term 2 based on its remote learning activities during closure. Term 2 will be November 3 – April 2 and will include 4 weeks of revision of Term 1 material and Term 1 exams.

The S-1s, S-2s and S-4s will return November 23 and also finish Term 2 on April 2. Term 3 will run April 19 – July 9 and National Exams will be July 20 – 30. We hope there will be no further school closings, but recognize that anything is possible.