Hope is a Rwandan Girl

“Educating girls unlocks lifelong opportunities & breaks the cycle of poverty.”

– UNICEF Executive Director, Henrietta Fore

Take a moment to get to know these very special students through their poems, short stories, and singing. 


Written in 2012 by three Maranyundo Girls School students


Time has come to rise.

Let’s wake up and stand.

Let’s get up and rise.

Let’s lead and rule this world.

Because we are the change it seeks.

Give us the way.

We amaze people by turning this world

into an outstanding planet which lights the universe.

We are fed up being caterpillars.

We have to become butterflies and fly so high.

Time has come to realize our dreams.

It’s our turn to run the world.

We have the power to determine.

No disappointment will bring us down.

We are now up and never going down,

Rising to our highest, reaching to our greatest.

Girls rise!

We are free and strong.

We are brave and mighty.

We are the universe’s treasured beauty.

We are the change the world is waiting for.

Let’s hold on to our dreams.

Let’s use our talents to achieve our goals.

Our time is here and we must shine.

We are girls.

We are the future.


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