rwanda schoolMaranyundo: A School of Excellence for girls in Nyamata, Rwanda

The Maranyundo Girls School offers economically vulnerable girls not simply access to education but academic excellence. It provides 180 students with degree-qualified teachers, small classes, teacher enrichment opportunities and a beautiful, safe, well-equipped campus in which to learn.

News! - Maranyundo School #1!  O-Level examination results are in and for the third year in a row Maranyundo School ranked #1 among girls schools.  But this year, it also ranked # 1 among ALL middle schools in Rwanda. Additionally, all of the girls ranked in Division 1 receiving a note of "with distinction." Congratulations to all of the teachers, staff, and Sister Juvenal who helped make this a reality, but particularly to the students who worked so hard to get here!

Shine, Maranyundo, Shine 2013

"When you give someone a future, it is something that cannot perish."
- Teacher Lydia, Maranyundo School