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Maranyundo Visitor named as one of Boston’s Top Educators

We are pleased to share the news that Chris Flaherty was chosen as one of Boston's Top Educators as part of Boston City Councilor-At-Large Anissa Essaibi-George's  new teacher recognition program.This new program, which seeks to underscore the talent and commitment demonstrated  by Boston teachers, was very competitive, especially in its inaugural year. Chris was nominated by his students and colleagues at Boston Arts Academy, which makes the award even more special. Chris Flaherty was one of the BAA teachers who traveled to Maranyundo Girls School last August along with Dara Bayer and two BAA students. Their blog of reflections on their
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Shine, Maranyundo, Shine

Our Story: Seeing the Potential of Every Rwandan Girl

A Model of Philanthropic Partnership

A Model of Philanthropic Partnership

The Maranyundo Girls School, which opened in 2008, began with the unlikely collaboration of a South Boston nun, a beloved Rwandan leader, a group of visionary women from Boston and a Rwandan order of Roman Catholic nuns.

In 2010 the school was transferred to Rwandan leadership with continued financial and programmatic support from the Maranyundo Initiative. This unique philanthropic partnership is founded on respect and shared accountability, reflecting Rwanda’s spirit of reconciliation and rebuilding.

“We make the future sustainable when we invest in the poor, not when we insist on their suffering.”Bill Gates

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Educating Girls:         A Powerful Force for Change

Educating Girls: A Powerful Force for Change

Our mission is to offer economically vulnerable girls access to academic excellence. Our magic is a deeply held belief that every girl in this diverse community – regardless of family finances or background – can achieve great things.

The school’s performance tells the story:  Its first graduating class ranked #1 among all middle schools for girls in the country and every class since has met or exceeded this standard.  This is a remarkable achievement for a school where 50% of its students come from impoverished circumstances and under-performing schools.


"When you give someone a future, it is something that cannot perish." - Teacher Lydia, Maranyundo School

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Hope is a Rwandan Girl

Hope is a Rwandan Girl

Girls are agents of change. They play a crucial role in solving the most persistent development problems in the world today.
The Maranyundo girl's stories will touch you, teach you, inspire you.

A walk around the Maranyundo campus is inspiration:
It is girls laughing and helping each other in study hall.
It is a chorus of song and poetry created together. It is the quiet of an attentive classroom.

It is community. It is learning. It is the future of Rwanda.

"Education of children, especially girls, is the cornerstone to National Progress."- UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman

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Upcoming Events

  • 24 Mar

    Maranyundo Girls School Graduation Celebration!!

    Save the Date!

    November 4, 2017

    Come visit Rwanda and celebrate the first graduate of the Maranyundo High School

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